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Council’s oyster project deal is not in public interest

14 Apr 2022 2:07 PM | Anonymous

The Noosa Chamber of Commerce and five other leading local resident and business associations have asked Noosa Council to end an “alliance agreement” with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) stating that its Noosa Oyster Ecosystem Restoration Project has not achieved agreed upon milestones.

A joint letter and letter of support by the associations to Noosa Councillors expressing great concern about the project and requesting that, at this month’s meetings, the Council not approve an extension of the current three-year contract beyond its end date of 30 September 2022.

Council documents show that the Council has already paid more than $230,000 to the project and there is nearly a million dollars of taxpayers money still to come of the total $1.2 million grant.

Our associations are determined to see ratepayers’ funds used wisely for projects of the greatest priority and benefit to Shire residents and ratepayers, particularly in our current economic state and unsustainable eco-environment which has been adversely impacted by floods, storms, shortages of affordable housing, bushfires, and an ongoing pandemic. Immediate and urgent action on environmental risks such as un-treated stormwater entering the river and oceans is part of a long list that should have funding priority by council.

Our six associations are urging that the Council, when it meets this month, not to proceed further with funding this project, and to redivert taxpayer funds to more essential projects.

This important Council decision impacts all Noosa Shire residents and ratepayers, and we urge you all to make your voice heard by insisting Councillors vote against the Oyster project extension. The submitted letters were signed by and/or supported by representatives of the Noosa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Noosaville Business Association, Hastings Street Association, Peregian Family & Friends Association, Sunshine Beach Association and Eastern Beaches Protection Association.


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